After a ruff n tumble exness demo day scouring the fabric mills de-jour, we emerge dirty, exhausted, but clasping some oh-so-fabulous fabrics for…yes, the next line of Fleabag Beds! We climbed, cut, dug thru, stood on, and even had a fork lift or two help us on our journey to find you the most scrumptious crisp and graphic patterns just for you- the chic pet owner we love oh so much!

Our Fresh Face

After product trials, prototypes, meetings,  photo shoots, sourcing, press kits and forcasting we are on the cusp of a mini-makeover…ok…maybe a bit more than mini…We’re hoping you’ll love the new additions (namely in the photo department) and we thought we’d share just a few in advance with you…

What a Dog Day!

What a Dog Day!

After a long dirty day we emerge on the other side of our photo shoot for the Winter 2010 line of FleaBags with some spectacular photos!  Minus a few hang-ups, and some “conflicts of personality,” ahm…with some of our exness demo account furry models….we promise to have our new line up for the taking in a few short days!

Factory Sneak Peek…

Sneak Peek in Our Los Angeles Factory…

Hot off the mill is our brand spankin’ new rectangular FleaBag for the furry friend who comes in large..and exxxtra large!  We’re talking 24″ x 36″ and 36″ x 48″..or Golden Retriever and Great Dane size pooch beds! Poly-filled for that extra snuggly, circle-and-fluff-your-bed-before-you-lay-down goodness.

Ooh La La!

Ooh La La!

After months of pounding the pavement, turning every leaf over, and peeking into factory after fabric mill, we are gleefully, over-the-moon-pinch-ourselves excited to have the Winter 2010 Line of FleaBag Beds in our hot little hands!  5 new sizes, including 2 rectangular for the large pooch, brand new oh-my-gosh-this-is-so-cute graphic fabrics, bold hued piping for an demo account exness extra lil’ kick, and hidden zippers for easy care in knock your socks off colors…hello zesty lemon yellow, and tantalizing tangerine!

And, if that weren’t enough…Starting Monday all of the Summer beds will be on sale!  Shhhh…there’s only a handful left!