Created by Los Angeles based A&E TV costars and designers, Sabina Vavra and Chelsea Hernandez, FleaBag Beds were born after exness finding a void in the market for edgy and affordable dog beds. "I was looking for a chic, affordable, color infused dog bed for my golden retriever Star and all I found was a lot of beige, boring chenille's, and overpriced cutesy dog beds." says Sabina. Dawning on her that she couldn't be the only person wanting something more sophisticated she called Chelsea for feedback, "I love it, lets do it!" FleaBag Beds was born, and the Winter 2010 Line debuts this August with an infusion of graphic turquoises, tangerines, and saffron's. Available in 3 round and 2 rectangular sizes, all FleaBag Beds are exness trade washable, poly-filled + reversible.

Fleabags were born to fill the void of contemporary on-trend dog and cat beds in chic, washable fabrics. And of course in making them, we couldn't forget affordable and most importantly, eco-conscientious... Manufacturing locally minimized our carbon footprint, and special attention was paid to the selection of organic cotton and bamboos. We hope you enjoy!

We exness trading do our very best to keep our furry friends happy and would love to hear your thoughts, comments and suggestions. Thank you in advance for your feedback. - Chelsea + Sabina
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